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The Royal Scoop Part 6

This is the sixth part of a fiction serial.

News Anchor (sour-faced with bandaged hand, nose and head, and a black eye):

Welcome back to News at Six. We are investigating the mental instability of Lady Cindrella, the fiancée of Prince Charming and future Queen. We had earlier shared her recording admitting that she can converse with Fairies. Her family testified her mental instabilty and suspected she murdered her coachman.

Let us now talk to our correspondent, John, who is at the Royal Palace where the Lady in question is staying to evade Policy arrest.

Hi John, what’s happening at the palace?


Hi Cassy! We have been waiting outside the Palace for the past half an hour.

As you can see, the Palace is decorated with ‘fairy lights’. We have seen a limousine drive inside and some palace servants going in and out but nobody is ready to talk. We tried to get in but the guards stopped us.

Oh! I see a gardener at the fence hedges now. Let me talk to him.

Sir, can you please tell us whether Lady Cindrella is going to surrender to the Police?


Has she confessed the murder of her coachman yet?


Has Police arrested her yet?


Who was in the Limousine?


Does using ‘fairy lights’ indicate that the Royal Palace supports the Lady’s claim about ‘Fairies’?

(The gardener walks away. The reporter tries to jump the fence but a guard warns him to stay out.)

As you can see, the Palace has been turned into a fortress. Nobody is allowed to go in. Those inside are too scared to speak against the Future Queen. But our channel will fearlessly continue trying to get to the bottom of the drama unfolding at the Royal Palace.

Stay tuned for more on News at Six.


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