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The Royal Scoop Part 5

This is the fifth part of a fiction serial.

News Anchor (with a bandaged nose and a swollen eye):

Welcome to News at Six! As you all might know, that earlier today, our Channel had exposed the recording of Lady Cindrella, the Fiancée of Prince Charming and the future Queen, confessing that she can see Fairies.

Lady Katherine, sister of Lady Cindrella and the intended of the Minister of Media, came to studio but declined to discuss the possibility of mental instabilty in her sister. She became violent quickly, a sure sign of the entire family being unstable.

Now we have the Sheriff with us regarding the theft of jwellery, clothes and carriage by Lady Cindrella and the murder of her coachman on the night of the Ball.

Sheriff, has the Lady admitted the murder yet?

Sheriff (hesitatingly):

We haven’t been able to frame any charges yet since there hasn’t been any missing person’s report yet. Also, there is no report of any missing jwellery, dress or carriage.

News Anchor (miffed):

Seems like the Lady has been quick to cover her tracks, or may be the Royal Court has been! Has the Police department checked with the adjoining cities and states? Maybe check her old estate for the body or stolen jwellery, dress, horse and carriage? At least take her in custody and ask her questions. I am sure she will spill the beans with a third degree!

Sheriff (miffed too):

I assure you the Police doesn’t need a Comedy Channel to tell them how to do its job.

News Anchor (eyes blazing):

I assure you this isn’t a Comedy Channel…

Sheriff (laughing without humour):

Oh I saw your ‘discussion’ with Lady Katherine. It was quite entertaining!

News Anchor (red-faced):

That’s just the way we reporters are treated for speaking the truth.

Sheriff (guffaws): Yeah, Right!

News Anchor: F*** You!

There is a sound of scuffle.

News Production Manager:

Again, we apologise for the inconvenience caused due to technical difficulties. We will return as soon as possible.



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