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The Royal Scoop Part 4

This is the fourth part of a fiction serial.

News Anchor:

Welcome back. In News at Six, we are investigating the truth behind the “Fairy connections” of the wannabe-future-queen Lady Cindrella.

We just spoke to her step-mother and her older step-sister who believe that she is mentally unstable, and suspect her for the theft of jwellery and clothes, and murder of her carriage coachman.

Now we have with us Lady Katherine, her younger step-sister. My Lady, congratulations on your engagement with the Minister of Media. How does it feel to hear about your sister’s mental condition?

Lady Katherine (Sister #2):

It is so embarrassing to be related to a liar like her. It could never be her at the Ball. I think, she just got lucky with the shoes when the Prince came looking for the actual girl. Then she created the story of the Fairy to explain her dress and stuff.

News Anchor:

Do you mean to say that the girl at the Ball wasn’t her at all?

Sister #2:

Absolutely, she was stunning…the face…the grace…the way she danced… I tell you she was a real Princess!

News Anchor:

Well, I don’t think she was that good.

Sister #2

Oh come on! Don’t act jealous. I know the Prince was dancing with you in that sexy red dress when he saw Cinderella and dropped you like a rotten tomato.

News Anchor:

I am not jealous! And your face was all red when the Prince didn’t spare you a glance! The Minister proposed to you only because you are future-Queen’s sister!

Sister #2:

He didn’t! And you just want Cinderella instutionalised to clear the way to the throne!

News Anchor:

And why did your family ask for airtime on our news? Because your husband-to-be, the Minister of Media, is second-in-line to the throne! Once Prince and his wife get discredited…

News Production Manager (trying to cover the screen and sounds of curses and stuff being thrown around):

We apologise for discontinuing News at Six today due to some technical issues. We will come back to you tomorrow with more information.



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